Studio Inc. Puts On Spring Dance Show

Performing a dance to "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" are Pat Cleeland, Erika Wilson, Hannah Frankel, Mia Hicks-Thomas and Katie Howard. (Photo by Steve Bowman)
Performing a dance to “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” are (from left) Mia Hicks-Thomas, Hannah Frankel, Erika Wilson, Pat Cleeland and Katie Howard. (All photos by Steve Bowman)

About 100 students from the Brentwood dance school The Studio Inc. performed almost three dozen routines at their annual spring show on May 30 at the Brentwood High School auditorium.

Entitled “We’ve Got This Covered,” the show featured students dancing to cover versions of popular songs, from Tom Jones’s version of Prince’s “Kiss” to Earth Wind and Fire’s take on the Beatles’ “Got to Get You Into My Life” to “Weird Al” Yankovic’s “Tacky,” a note-for-note spoof of “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

Dance styles on display at the spring show included ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, tumbling and hip-hop.

The Studio Inc. is directed by Amanda Fedor, whose mother Kim Swanson launched the business over 25 years ago. It has been located in Brentwood for nearly 15 years, now at 1332 Strassner Drive in the Hanley Industrial Court. For their website, click here. For a 2011 Brentwood Spirit article on how Swanson started the business, click here.

The show marked the end of the school’s fall class schedule. The eight-week summer class schedule will be June 15 to Aug. 6.

Fedor recognized the following students for having perfect attendance throughout the 2014-15 season: Katie Bohnert, Josie Gerdes, Katie Howard, Atticus Pitts, Geronimo Thomas, Sierra Tryon, Annalise Whitmer, Sabrina Whitmer and Natalie Yaeger.

‘Let’s Groove’

2.DSC_7544 Lets Groove
Left to right: Margaret Cleeland, Madeleine Wald, Reuben Thomas and Sawyer Cleeland.

‘I Want Candy’

3.DSC_7576 I Want Candy
Left to right: Charlie Rubin, Zemira Chatman and Sydney Gross.

‘Dancing in the Streets’

4.DSC_7626 Dancing in the Streets
Katie Bohnert (left) and Naomi Frankel.

‘One Way or Another’ — senior Juliette Zach

5.DSC_7635 One Way or Another, Juliette Zach

‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’

6.DSC_7662 Youve Got a Friend in Me
Left to right: Sierra Tryon, Sadie Ulrich, Elle Ferguson and McKinley Birenbaum.

‘Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic’

7.DSC_7717 Every Thing She Does
Sawyer Cleeland and Jane Leritz.

‘Singing In the Rain/Umbrella’

8.DSC_7763 Singing in the Rain
Amelia Favazza (front) and jugglers Justine Favazza (left) and Taylor Graning.

‘When You Come Back Down’ — senior Hannah Geisz

9.DSC_7796 When You Come Back Down


10.DSC_7848 Kiss
Lea Gerdes (left) and Pat Cleeland.

‘Spoonful of Sugar’

11.DSC_7871 Spoonful of Sugar
Left to right: Everdine Ferguson, Noah Braun and Stewart Geisz.

‘Let It Go/Let Her Go’

12.DSC_7899 Let It Go, Let Her Go
Mia Hicks-Thomas.
12.DSC_7912 Let It Go, Let Her Go
Isabel Wise is lifted by (from left) Katie Howard, Hannah Frankel, Lucy Corrigan and Reuben Thomas.

‘Express Yourself’

13.DSC_7964 Express Yourself
Anna Stutz, Kayla Caruthers, Justine Favazza, Zach Andrews, Sasha Albright, Josie Gerdes, Nona Carpenter, Atticus Pitts and Logan Miller.

‘Don’t Get Around Much Anymore’

14. DSC_8008 Dont Get Around Much Anymore
Norah Woodman (left), Westley Bergman and Isabella Border.
14.DSC_8003 Dont Get Around Much Anymore
Left to right: Isabella Border, Clara Cullen and Keira Parkins.

‘Singing In the Rain’

15.DSC_8018 Singing in the Rain
Marie Bardelmeier (left), Nicolaus Braun and Sasha Marx.

‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’

16.DSC_8046 Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
Geronimo Thomas (front) and Grace Young.

‘I Need a Hero’

17. DSC_8110 I Need a Hero
Justine Favazza (top) and Sabrina Whitmer.
17.DSC_8101 I Need a Hero
Left to right: Mark Geisz, Sabrina Whitmer, Sasha Albright, Stewart Geisz, Isabella Border (center), Ella Chamberlain, Justine Favazza (partially hidden) and Emery Chamberlain.

‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’

18.DSC_8151 Diamonds Are a Girls
Hannah Frankel carried by (from left) Katie Howard, Erika Wilson, Pat Cleeland and Mia Hicks-Thomas.


19.DSC_8165 Istanbul
Left to right: Audrey Wessling, Juliette Essma, Margaret Cleeland, Gino Kler, Addison Fitzgibbon, Kate Corrigan and Madeleine Wald.

‘Twist and Shout’

20.DSC_8186 Twist and Shout
Left to right: Roman Thomas, Zach Andrews and Logan Miller.
20.DSC_8205 Twist and Shout
Stuart Whitmer.

‘My Favorite Things’

21.DSC_8236 My Favorite Things
Left to right: Natalie Yaeger, Victoria Bestman, Evelyn Jones and Gretchen Curl.
21.DSC_8212 My Favorite Things
Evelyn Jones.

‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You’

22.DSC_8266 Cant Take My Eyes Off You
Ella Chamberlain (left) and Emery Chamberlain.

‘Got to Get You Into My Life’

23.DSC_8275 Got to Get You Into
Mia Hicks-Thomas (left) and Lea Gerdes.

‘It’s Oh So Quiet’ — senior Erika Wilson

24.DSC_8333 Its Oh So Quiet

24.DSC_8323 Its Oh So Quiet

‘Wild Night’

25.DSC_8351 Wild Night
Left to right: Noah Braun, Gretchen Curl, Sabrina Whitmer and Stewart Geisz.

‘Feelin’ Good’

26.DSC_8372 Feelin Good
Lucy Corrigan.

‘Buenos Aires’

27.DSC_8397 Buenos Aires
Stewart Geisz flies over (from left) Juliette Essma, Sophie Centeno, Penelope Andrews, Kate Corrigan, Jane Leritz and Sarah Centeno.

‘99 Red Balloons’

28.DSC_8437 99 Red Balloons
Left to right: Roman Thomas, Stuart Whitmer and Zach Andrews.

‘Eye of the Tiger’

29.DSC_8441 Eye of the Tiger
Left to right: Reuben Thomas, Mark Geisz, Sabrina Whitmer and Katie Howard.


30.DSC_8523 Celebration
Carmi Wise.

‘We Built This City’

31.DSC_8556 We Built This City
Sasha Marx.

‘Tacky’ — fathers of dance students

32.DSC_8655 Tacky

‘Blank Space/Style’ — choreographed by students

33.DSC_8682 Blank Space, Style
Left to right: Katie Howard, Lucy Corrigan, Mia Hicks-Thomas, Erika Wilson, Pat Cleeland and Hannah Frankel.


34.DSC_8699 Respect
Autumn Turner.
34.DSC_8706 Respect
McKinley Birenbaum (left) and Elliana Cerven.

‘Car Wash’

35.DSC_8731 Car Wash
Left to right: Jane Leritz, Sarah Geisz, Stewart Geisz, Josie Gerdes, Sawyer Cleeland, Elizabeth Flad, Reuben Thomas, Isabel Wise, Noah Braun, Rachel Markenson and Hannah Geisz.
Dancers take a bow at the end of the show.
Taking a bow at the end of the show are dancers (from left) Josie Gerdes, Ava Andrews, Taylor Graning, Madeleine Wald, Reuben Thomas, Margaret Cleeland, Sasha Marx and Lucy Corrigan.
Senior dance students Hannah Geisz (center) and Erika Wilson (right) give flowers to The Studio Inc. owner Amanda Fedor at the end of the show. Fedor had just  paid tribute to each of them.
Senior dance students Hannah Geisz (center) and Erika Wilson (right) give flowers to The Studio Inc. owner Amanda Fedor at the end of the show. Fedor had just paid tribute to each of them.

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