O’Neill Running for Ward 4 Alderwoman

Kathy O'Neill (inset) lives on Euclid Lane in Brentwood Forest.
Kathy O’Neill (inset) lives on Blue Jay Cove in Brentwood Forest.

Former schoolteacher has lived in Brentwood 30 years

Kathy O’Neill has filed as Ward 4 candidate for the Brentwood Board of Aldermen. She is running against the incumbent Patrick Toohey. The election is April 5.

The following is based on information from the press release announcing her candidacy.

Brentwood Forest resident Kathy O’Neill has filed as Ward 4 candidate for the Brentwood Board of Aldermen.

Kathy moved to Blue Jay Cove in 1986 with her son and daughter, who attended Brentwood High School. A graduate of the University of Michigan, she began her 35-year teaching career in Ann Arbor, and retired from the Ladue School District.

Her agenda is simple and straightforward: honesty, transparency, and independence. She is running as a candidate with no ties, and with a strong background of involvement in the community.

Her varied experiences give Kathy unique qualifications. For nine years she served, including two years as chair, on the Supervisory Committee of a large metropolitan credit union — a position which involved reviewing both internal and external audits to ensure the safety and security of the firm’s $500 million assets.

In Brentwood, she has served on the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Adjustment, been president of the Library Board and participated in the two previous city comprehensive plan committees. Kathy regularly attends Brentwood Forest’s Board of Directors meetings, as well as the mayor’s coffee talks. Other community involvements include the Sheldon Concert Hall, Oasis, and the Brentwood Public Library’s Book Discussion Group.

Kathy’s personal interests frequently involve the outdoors. She is a certified Missouri Master Naturalist, volunteering weekly at the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Litzsinger Road Ecology Center. She enjoys hiking and bicycling, often using Brentwood’s trail system.

“Our Comprehensive Plan provides citizen direction to planners and developers for both the built and natural environments,” she said. “Knowing that every healthy tree adds to property values, it’s important to ensure that Brentwood’s community forest is well cared for.”

She added, “We should also develop a long-term Environmental and Tree Plan for Brentwood. Erosion and runoff are a problem for walkers and drivers; carefully sited trees can partially modify those problems. We have an attractive city, and attention to the environmental issues will help maintain its beauty and values.”

Kathy believes that elected officials should form opinions by listening to their constituents and by thorough study of the issues. They should be independent of undue influence, and so she is not soliciting nor accepting contributions for her campaign.

Every vote is important. “Please place your trust in my experience and enthusiasm, and support me at the polls on April 5,” she said.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact her by email at koneill1@mindspring.com.

One thought on “O’Neill Running for Ward 4 Alderwoman

  1. Good for you Kathy! If I lived in Ward 4 my wife and I would vote for you, however, we are in Ward 1, but we wish you all the luck. Go get’em!


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