Leahy Seeks Re-Election in Ward 3

Andy Leahy at a Brentwood Board of Aldermen meeting.
Andy Leahy at a Brentwood Board of Aldermen meeting. (Photos by Steve Bowman)

Says he approaches issues ‘from the taxpayer point of view’

Andy Leahy has filed as Ward 3 candidate for the Brentwood Board of Aldermen. He is running against John “Rocky” Ritter. The election is April 5.

The following is based on information from the press release announcing his candidacy.

In December, Andy Leahy announced he would seek re-election to the Brentwood Board of Alderman for Ward 3 at the April 5 election. Leahy says the question facing the voters in this election is “Why should we return Alderman Leahy for another term?” He says the answer to the question is his “experience, preparedness, honesty and independence.”

Alderman Leahy is a “fiscal conservative pushing to rein in spending and wasteful expenditures.” Also, Leahy “was the driving force behind returning to two-year terms of office for elected officials, to better hold officials accountable to the citizens. What other politician has ever shared this view with the voters, and then done something about it?”

Leahy has practiced open government, holding monthly Ward 3 meetings for 14 years to discuss issues facing the city. This effort provides better service to the residents by allowing them to visit in an informal setting and ask questions about the issues before the board.

As a 44-year member of the Boy Scouts of America, Alderman Leahy understands preparedness. He comes prepared for the board and committee meetings to discuss the merits and pitfalls of the bills in front of the board. He has approached the issues from the taxpayer point of view and he has not been afraid to question the Board and the Mayor on these issues. His views are not always in the majority, but he shares his point of view with all members so that an informed vote can be taken. His reasoning is supported by code and historical references.

Alderman Leahy also stands outside the polls each time there is an election, even when he is not on the ballot. Know why? Because the residents that take the time to come vote are also the ones who will tell you what is good or bad in the city and in their neighborhoods. It’s a great opportunity for dialogue between the citizens and their elected official.

Recently a fellow board member shared their thoughts on Andy’s service on the board: “I have an enormous amount of respect and admiration … for the vast amount of dedication, hard work and passion you display in behalf of the city’s residents, each and EVERY day. You prepare, investigate and do your homework … You want the very best for the city.”

Alderman Leahy is soliciting voter questions and comments at (314) 962-2318. If you agree that he has earned your support, please vote for Leahy on April 5.

Andy Leahy is sworn in by City Administrator Bola Akande to another term on the Board of Aldermen in 2012.
Andy Leahy is sworn in by City Administrator Bola Akande to another term on the Board of Aldermen in 2012.

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