Spirit Wins Awards In State Press Contest

Best Sports Feature Photograph from the Missouri Press Association'sn 2015 Better Newspaper Contest in the weekly, class 2 category was given to Steve Bowman, of the Brentwood Spirit for this photo showing Tom Hargrove of T. Hargrove's Flyfishing in Brentwood.
This photograph of Tom Hargrove, owner of T. Hargrove Fly Fishing, won first place, and the accompanying article won second place, in the Missouri Press Association’s 2015 statewide contest. The photograph and article by Steve Bowman were published in The Brentwood Spirit in August 2014.


The Brentwood Spirit recently won two awards in the Missouri Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest. The awards were presented Saturday at the MPA’s convention in Columbia.

Spirit editor and photographer Steve Bowman won first place for Best Sports Feature Photograph and second place for Best Story About the Outdoors. Both awards were for his work on one article posted in August 2014 entitled “Job Is Passion for Fly Fisherman Hargrove.” The feature showcased T. Hargrove Fly Fishing, Inc. in Brentwood.

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Winners were chosen from over 3,000 entries submitted from publications throughout Missouri. Newspapers are categorized by frequency of publication and total circulation. The Spirit is a weekly in Class 2, with readership of 3,001 to 7,000.

The Brentwood Spirit has been a member of the Missouri Press Association since 2013.

Best Sports Feature Photograph Winners
Weeklies – Class 2
First Place Brentwood Spirit Fly Fisherman Hargrove Steve Bowman
Second Place Lawrence County Record Softball state send-off Samantha Dyson
Third Place Platte County Landmark Bullbusting Doug Baldwin
Honorable Mention The Liberty Tribune Like Father Chris Geinosky


Best Story About the Outdoors Winners
Weeklies – Class 2
First Place Houston Herald MDC Deer Study Doug Davison
Second Place The Brentwood Spirit Job Is Passion Steve Bowman
Third Place Christian County Headliner-News Smallin Cave Hanna Smith
Honorable Mention Houston Herald On Target Doug Davison


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