Studio Inc. Dancers Perform Holiday Show

Sabrina Whitmer poses at the end of “Oi to the World.” (Photo by Steve Bowman)

About 90 dancers from The Studio Inc., a Brentwood group, performed its annual Holiday Show and Nutcracker on Dec. 13 in the Brentwood High School auditorium. The group danced to 20 holiday songs before performing 10 scenes from the Nutcracker.

The Studio Inc. is directed by Amanda Fedor. It is still located in the Hanley Industrial Court but has moved to a new location, 1332 Strassner Drive. The website is

All photos by Steve Bowman

Amanda Fedor, owner of The Studio Inc., welcomes the crowd to the show.

Jingle Bell Rock

Front, left to right: Emery Chamberlain, Ella Chamberlain and Logan Miller. Back: Sabrina Whitmer and Stewart Geisz.
Madeleine Wald (left) and Justine Favazza.

Hang Up Your Stocking

Left to right: Autumn Turner, McKinley Birenbaum and Elle Ferguson.

Jingle All the Way

Left to right: Gretchen Curl, Mark Geisz, Juliette Essma, Nicolaus Braun, Kate Corrigan and Stewart Geisz.

Donde Esta Santa Claus?

Left to right: Margaret Cleeland, Katie Howard, Reuben Thomas and Lucy Corrigan.

Jingle Bell Rock

Left to right: Lydia Boll, Charlie Rubin and Victoria Bestmann.

White Christmas

Sarah Cleeland (left) and Juliette Zach.

Chillin’ With Santa

Left to right: Zach Andrews, Anna Stutz, Atticus Pitts and Justine Favazza.
Logan Miller

Merry Christmas, Baby

Margaret Cleeland (left) and Kate Corrigan.

Silver Bells

Hannah Geisz (left) and Isabel Wise.
Elizabeth Flad (left), Noah Braun and Jane Leritz.

Wonderful Christmas Time

Justine Favazza (left) and Taylor Graning.
Justine Favazza

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Left to right: Grace Young, Elliana Cerven and Everly Buehler.

Kidnap the Sandy Claus

Left to right: Mark Geisz, Naomi Frankel, Lucy Corrigan and Sasha Marx.
Mark Geisz leaps over (from left) Sasha Marx, Lucy Corrigan and Naomi Frankel.
From left: Naomi Frankel, Sasha Marx, Lucy Corrigan and Mark Geisz.

Boogie Woogie Santa Claus

From left: Hiroki Fingerhut, Charlotte Warren, Isabella Border and Natalie Yaeger.

All I Want

From left: Josie Gerdes, Justine Favazza, Sasha Albright and Ella Chamberlain.
Top, left to right: Evelyn Cullen, Emery Chamberlain, Julianna Cullen and Ella Chamberlain. Bottom: Josie Gerdes, Justine Favazza and Sasha Albright.

It Must Have Been Ole Santa

Top: Juliette Essma. Middle, left to right: Penelope Andrews, Kate Corrigan, Madeleine Wald and Stewart Geisz. Bottom: Sophie Centeno and Sarah Centeno.

Oi to the World

Front: Elizabeth Flad (left) and Sabrina Whitmer.
Reuben Thomas (top) and Katie Howard.

Dear Santa

From left: Norah Woodman, Carmela Wise, Roman Thomas and Westley Bergman.


Katie Howard (above) and (from left) Erika Wilson, Pat Cleeland and Lucy Corrigan.
Erika Wilson
Rat King Mia Hicks-Thomas.
Hannah Frankel
From left: Sierra Tryon, Flower Queen Katie Bohnert and Sadie Ulrich.
From left: Lucy Corrigan, Sugar Plum Fairy Mia Hicks-Thomas and Pat Cleeland.

Dancers take their bows

Clara, played by Josie Gerdes, and Nutcracker Prince Mark Geisz.
Flowers in a row, from left: Sadie Ulrich, Grace Maher, Nadia Woodman, Sierra Tryon, Annalise Whitmer and McKinley Birenbaum.

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