Soccer Team Moves Up to 3rd in League

Brentwood’s Jimmy Thomas (right) fights for the ball with Admir Zukanovic of Hancock on Tuesday. (Photo by Steve Bowman)

Wright, Evans score in 3-0 win over Hancock

By Steve Bowman
Editor, The Brentwood Spirit

Sean Reilly passes inbounds against Hancock. (Photo by Steve Bowman)

The Brentwood High School soccer team is no longer toward the bottom of the South Central AA Conference. The Eagles stepped up to third place by beating Hancock 3-0 on Oct. 7 at BHS. The Pirates previously had been in third place in the five-team league.

Brentwood has only one game left in league play, against Valley Park. The Vikings are 0-6, though the Eagles beat them by only 3-2 on Sept. 23.

The Eagles are 7-7 overall with six games remaining in the regular season. They look to be on the way to improving on last year’s record of 8-12.

At first it looked as if the Brentwood-Hancock game would be as close as in their first meeting, which required a shootout for the Eagles to win. The teams traded numerous attacks in the first half but it was scoreless until several minutes before halftime. That’s when sophomore forward Quinn Evans caught Hancock’s defense napping and made a fast break with the ball toward goalkeeper Oscar Hernandez. Evans waited for Hernandez to slide toward the ball before punching it into the right corner of the net at close range.

Quinn Evans breaks toward Hancock’s goal unescorted . . .
. . . shoots just as goalkeeper Oscar Hernandez slides . . .
. . . sees the ball roll into the net just as defender Kiandre Hackney arrives . . .
. . . and smiles about his team taking a 1-0 lead late in the first half. (All photos by Steve Bowman)

Eddie Wright added two more goals in the second half for the 3-0 victory. Goalkeeper Jordan McGehee posted his third shutout of the season and second in a row.

Eddie Wright looks for an open teammate in the first half. He scored two goals in the second half against Hancock. (Photo by Steve Bowman)

South Central AA Conference
Standings as of Oct. 8
Bayless 5-0
Crossroads 4-2
Brentwood 3-4
Hancock 2-3
Valley Park 0-6

Brentwood coach Cory Grage shares some last-minute thoughts with his players before the Hancock game. (Photo by Steve Bowman)

BHS Boys 2014 Varsity Soccer Schedule
Sept. 2, beat Hazelwood East 10-0
Sept. 4, lost to Bayless 8-0
Sept. 8, beat Metro 5-2
Sept. 12, lost to Crossroads 3-2
Sept. 15, lost to Bayless 3-2
Sept. 16, lost to Principia 6-0
Sept. 19, beat Hancock 3-2 in shootout
Sept. 23, beat Valley Park 3-2
Sept. 24, beat Cleveland NJROTC 7-1
Sept. 29, lost to Clayton 5-0
Sept. 30, lost to Crossroads 3-0
Oct. 1, lost to St. Pius X-Festus 10-0
Oct. 6, beat McCluer 2-0
Oct. 7, beat Hancock 3-0
Fri. Oct. 10, Valley Park, home, 6 p.m.
Wed. Oct. 15, JFK, away, 6 p.m.
Thurs. Oct. 16, Liberty, home, 6 p.m.
Fri. Oct. 17, Windsor C-1, Imperial, away 6 p.m.
Tues., Oct. 21, Christian, home, 6 p.m.
Wed. Oct. 22, Desoto, away, 6:30 p.m.

All photos by Steve Bowman, from Oct. 6 Hancock game

Alex Smoller goes after the ball with Almir Sehic (left) of Hancock.
Quinn Evans directs a ball toward a teammate.
Quinn Evans tries to head the ball toward Hancock’s goal. Also in on the play are Ben Moran and Eddie Wright.
Bradley Jones disrupts Admir Karic’s dribble.
Seamus Saunders (right) and Hancock’s Jerice Harrington.
Jimmy Thomas gets double-teamed.
Jake Burkhardt uses his head.
Marcos Sanchez (right) and Admir Karic.
Michael Logan races up the midfield.
Jordan McGehee stops an attack from Adil Bosnic.
Alex Smoller defends against Admir Karic.
Quinn Evans (right) and Hassan Biglari.
Bradley Jones (right) and forward Admir Karic.
Seamus Saunders races for the ball before it goes out of bounds.
Covering a Hancock player are (from left) Seamus Saunders, Rayce Lynch and Jake Burkhardt.
Jimmy Thomas (right) and Admir Zukanovic.
Noah Lee listens to coaches Cory Grage and Brian Wildgrube at halftime.
Mahoto Sasaki huddles with teammates during halftime.
Justin Redferring guards the net during warmups.

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