BHS Routs Lift for Life in 1st Quarter Blitz

Quarterback Skylar Sappington calls the signals in the Sept. 23 game with Principia. On Friday Brentwood beat Lift for Life to stay unbeaten at 7-0. Also shown are (from left) center Tyler Pryor-Hall and brothers Luke Tilton and Sam Tilton. (Photo by Steve Bowman)

Clay scores 5 touchdowns as Eagles soar to 7-0

By Steve Bowman
Editor, The Brentwood Spirit

In football, you know you have a good offense when you score 62 points and nobody is surprised.

Brentwood High School rose to 7-0 with a 62-22 victory over Lift for Life on Friday for homecoming at BHS. If Brentwood fans weren’t surprised, it’s not because they’re arrogant. They’re just used to seeing their team in the end zone. Four weeks ago the Eagles put up 67 against Sumner. They’ve scored 60 points or more six times in the past season-and-a-half. In the past two-and-a-half seasons they’ve hit the 50-point mark 15 times.

But even touchdown-drunk Brentwood must admit that the first 12 minutes against Lift for Life, 1-5, was a thing to behold. The Eagles had their best quarter of the season, scoring 35 points. They pushed the score to 42-0 in the second quarter, a lead so big that they were outscored in the middle two quarters and still won in a rout.

Kaylon Jenkins gets five from Joe Clay after a 42-yard run to make the score 6-0 against Principia. (Photo by Steve Bowman)

Five more bones for Pitbull

The BHS offense was once again keyed by junior running back Jacob Clay, with solid rushing and three touchdowns by Austin Koster and Kaylon Jenkins to keep the defense honest. Clay rushed for 198 yards and five touchdowns, and it’s not the first time he’s done either of those. “Pitbull” or just “Pit” as he’s called, is averaging 217 yards a game and it’s the third time this season he’s gotten five TDs.

Every time he crosses a goal line he improves his school record for TDs in a season, which is up to 29. And he still leads all high school football players in the St. Louis area in points scored, rushing yards and total yards.

Said Robert Findley, a star rusher at BHS in the mid-1990s and now in his 12th year as an assistant football coach there, “He’s probably the best running back I’ve ever seen at Brentwood.”

“He’s just a nonstop runner,” said senior lineman Alex Patton. “As soon as he makes contact, he gets his knees up, runs hard, never goes down and pushes his way through.”

Jacob Clay breaks loose to make the score 13-0 against Principia. (Photo by Steve Bowman)

Player notes

Kyle Pudlowski was back on the field after being out one game with an injury. The senior linebacker had 15 tackles/assists, second only to Tyler Pryor-Hall.

It’s amazing that a 7-0 team is so young — five of the Eagles’ top 11 tacklers are freshmen or sophomores: Joe Clay, Luke Tilton, Justice Harris, Alex Cobb and Rob Bax. Bax had two interceptions against Lift for Life. Quarterback Skylar Sappington and starting guards Tilton and Stephen Suntrup Jr. are all sophomores. Freshman Tayveon Brown scored his first touchdown on Friday.

Tyler Pryor-Hall (left) and Joe Clay stop a Principia runner. (Photo by Steve Bowman)

Scoring Summary
Lift for Life (1-5): 0-16-6-0 — 22
Brentwood (6-0): 35-13-14-0 — 62
First quarter
B: Jacob Clay 23-yard run; Austin Koster run; 10:00
B: Clay 1-yard run; Rob Bax kick; 7:45
B: Clay 30-yard run; Bax kick; 5:05
B: Koster 1-yard run; Bax kick;  4:49
B: Kaylon Jenkins 18-yard run; kick failed; 2:00
Second quarter
B: Tayveon Brown 4-yard run; Rob Bax kick; 8:32
L: Travon Moorehead 85-yard kickoff return; Darrion Glover run; 8:21
B: Clay 11-yard run; kick failed; 0:44
L: Alvin Sayles 70-yard kickoff return; M. Bolden run; 0:32
Third quarter
B: Jenkins 10-yard run; Bax kick; 10:08
L: Sayles 85-yard kickoff return; run failed; 9:55
B: Clay 29-yard run; Bax kick; 8:51

Skylar Sappington runs for a first down vs. Principia with the blocking of Stephen Suntrup Jr. (51), Alex Patton (77), Brian Hutton (73) and others. (Photo by Steve Bowman)

Brentwood Statistical Leaders vs. Lift for Life
Rushing: Jacob Clay 14 rushes, 198 yards; Kaylon Jenkins 7-46; Austin Koster 7-44.
Passing: Skylar Sappington 2-for-4, 47 yards, 1 interception.
Receiving: Jenkins 2 for 37 yards.
Punt returns: Jenkins 1 for 13 yards.
Fumble recoveries: Wesley Sappington 1.
Interceptions: Rob Bax 2.
Sacks: Wesley Sappington, Reid Nelson, Brian Hutton.
Tackles/assists:  Tyler Pryor-Hall 16, Kyle Pudlowski 15, Wesley Sappington 14, Joe Clay 7, Luke Tilton 6.

A Principia ball carrier is swarmed by (from left) Alex Cobb, Brian Hutton, Wesley Sappington and Tyler Pryor-Hall, (Photo by Steve Bowman)

Brentwood’s 2014 Schedule
Beat Crystal City 61-26
Beat John F. Kennedy 44-14
Beat Sumner Academy 67-20
Beat Orchard Farm 14-7
Beat Cuba 42-14
Beat Principia 51-3
Beat Lift for Life 62-22
Oct. 10, Liberty –Wentzville, away, 7 p.m.
Oct. 18, Cleveland NJROTC, away, 7 p.m.

Liberty Wentzville’s 2014 Results (1-5)
8/23, lost to Northwest Academy 20-2
9/6, lost to Orchard Farm 49-6
9/12, lost to Hermann 65-7
9/19, lost to Confluence 55-14
9/26, lost to Cuba 74-7
10/3, beat Barat 19-0

Jacob Clay looks trapped in the backfield but he pulled loose and made a first down on the play. (Photo by Steve Bowman)

St. Louis Area Stat Leaders from Brentwood
Jacob Clay: 1st, scoring, 178 points; 1st rushing, 1,520 yards; 1st, total yards, 1,553 yards.
Tyler Pryor-Hall: 3rd, total tackles/assists; 4th, solo tackles.
Brian Hutton: 3rd, fumble recoveries.
Rob Bax: 10th, punting average, 42.83 yards.

All photos by Steve Bowman, from Principia game

Brian Hutton recovers a Principia fumble.
Daniel Neal returns a kickoff.
Rob Bax kicks off after one of Brentwood’s seven touchdowns against Principia. Also shown are Wesley Sappington (middle) and Brian Hutton.
Brentwood’s offensive huddle awaits the call from Skylar Sappington (left).
A Principia rusher is stopped by Mac Lineback (42), Joe Clay (3) and Tayveon Brown (22).
Justice Harris looks for running options as Joe Clay throws a block.
Ryan Short (far left) and Reid Nelson corral a runner while Jordan Roddy closes in from behind.
All eyes are on Jacob Clay after scoring to make it 27-0. He had five touchdowns against Principia.
Assistant coach Anthony Harper eyes players in the post-game huddle. His high school coach, Robert Penn, was honored at halftime of the Principia game for being named to the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame.

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