News from Rock Hill Alderman Scherry

Hope everyone has been able to enjoy the beautiful weather when it has been around.

Tuesday the board will meet again to discuss many items (

– Payment to the Uniformed Employees pension.  Membership was closed, but we still need to make payments into the pension.

– Transfer of funds to the Sewer Lateral account.  This is expected to be a loan as the number of sewer lateral repairs has been quite extensive the past two years.

– Annual budget for 2014/15 (The Webster-Kirkwood Times has the incorrect number in their article. We are only spending ~$32,000 of fund reserve next year.

Kirkwood’s work on our finances has greatly helped to figure out where monies are legally allowed to be spent. The new map is FANTASTIC, but will take a year to get a better handle on:

– Rezoning the areas around the North-West corner of Manchester and McKnight.  Finally the RPA2 residents will get their residential zoning back.

– Reduction of the Community Development commission from 9 to 6 members

– Update to the Sewer Lateral Policy

There will also be a closed session meeting after the normal meeting.  Details at:


Rock Hill will be moving to East Central Dispatching service soon, as Brentwood has chosen to dismantle their emergency dispatching.

MSD is going to be doing work in the Plainfield Drive area over the next 18+ months.  If you missed their meeting two weeks ago please let me know what information you would like about the work.

Did you know @STLmetro is looking to raise rates? Weigh in on this...

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the community
Philip Scherry – Ward 1 Alderman

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