Seven Eagles Make All-League in Baseball

Though only a sophomore, Bradley Jones made first team all-conference as a pitcher. (Photo by Steve Bowman)

By Steve Bowman
Editor, The Brentwood Spirit

Seven members of the Brentwood High School baseball team have received all-conference honors for the 2013 season. Honorees are chosen by a vote of the baseball coaches from the six schools in the South Central Athletic Association.

Steven Sadler was chosen to the all-conference first team as a catcher. (Photo by Steve Bowman)

Five Eagles made the all-conference first team: pitcher Bradley Jones, catcher Steven Sadler, infielders Dylan McGehee and Blake Kelley, and outfielder Nick Featherston. Pitcher Connor Hancock and infielder Tyler Pryor-Hall made the second team.

Jones and Pryor-Hall were sophomores. McGehee, Kelley and Hancock were juniors. Featherston and Sadler were seniors.

Conference champion Valley Park also had five players on the first team, plus a co-player of the year. Hancock had four on the first team and one as a co-player of the year.

Valley Park finished the season with a 9-0 league record. Hancock was 6-3, Brentwood 5-4, Bayless 5-5, Maplewood 2-7 and Crossroads 1-8. BHS won the district and ended up 11-7 overall.

South Central Athletic Association All-Conference Teams

Players of the year: Austin Martin, Valley Park; Jacob Renfrow, Hancock

First Team:
Pitcher, Bradley Jones, Brentwood
Pitcher, Ryan Edwards, Valley Park
Pitcher, Brendan Jones, Valley Park
Pitcher, Jon Feeler, Hancock
Catcher, Steven Sadler, Brentwood
Catcher, Dylan Davis, Valley Park
Infielder, Dylan McGehee, Brentwood
Infielder, Blake Kelley, Brentwood
Infielder, Logan Martin, Valley Park
Infielder, Jacob Brown, Hancock
Infielder, Anthony Gaynor, Bayless
Infielder, Zech Biship, Maplewood-RH
Infielder, M.J. Butler, Crossroads
Infielder, Jordan DeMars, Hancock
Outfielder, Nick Featherston, Brentwood
Outfielder, Matt Feeler, Hancock
Outfielder, Brice Bube, Valley Park
Outfielder, William Wadsworth, Maplewood-RH
Utility, Dan Williams, Maplewood-RH

Second Team:
Pitcher, Connor Hancock, Brentwood
Pitcher, Hoben Rehfeld, Crossroads
Pitcher, Richard Rasmussen, Maplewood-RH
Pitcher, Shane Martin, Bayless
Catcher, Sam Marty, Hancock
Catcher, Benton Birch, Crossroads
Infielder, Jackson Walker, Valley Park
Infielder, Chris Tronicek, Maplewood-RH
Infielder, Cameron Clemons, Maplewood-RH
Infielder, Tyler Harmon, Bayless
Infielder, Fred Johnston, Bayless
Infielder, Tyler Pryor-Hall, Brentwood
Outfielder, Josh Felsher, Crossroads
Outfielder, Jacob Pudiwitr, Valley Park
Outfielder, Billy Heintzmann, Hancock
Outfielder, Brett Hulen, Bayless
Utility, Kyle Matt, Hancock

Nick Featherston made the all-conference first team as an outfielder. (Photo by Steve Bowman)
After an injury caused him to miss all of last season, this year Blake Kelley was selected to the all-conference first team as an infielder. (Photo by Steve Bowman)
Dylan McGehee was voted to the all-conference first team as an infielder. (Photo by Steve Bowman)


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