Ignore Cowardly Slander

March 28, 2012 –

Yesterday my wife Toni received a letter, the paper kind with postage, that begins “This is an open letter to the women voters of Brentwood Ward One speaking to the destructive path chosen by Maureen Saunders in her run for Alderperson.”  It goes on for three paragraphs, calling Saunders “the town bully,” “a spoiled child,” “boorish” and “insolent,” among other things.

The writer definitely doesn’t want Saunders to be elected to the Brentwood City Council on April 3. She’s running in Ward 1, where we live. At least one of our female neighbors received the same letter, so I’m assuming it was sent to either every address or every adult female in the ward.

As is usually the case with hateful diatribes like this, it’s from an anonymous sender. Anonymous as in cowardly. Letters like this are despicable. They’re written by mean people who wouldn’t hesitate to slander your name all over town, then run and hide, if you crossed them.

Does the writer have a legitimate beef with Saunders? If he or she doesn’t even have the shred of honor it would take to sign the letter, it doesn’t matter.

On a more humorous note, why on earth would the letter be addressed only to “women voters”? Does the ranter think only women would vote for a female candidate? Is this 2012 or 1912? Oh well, it doesn’t really matter. Unless the letter writer steps forward and owns up, the whole thing should be ignored.

Steve Bowman
Editor, The Brentwood Spirit

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20 thoughts on “Ignore Cowardly Slander

  1. O.K. now, this is getting downright creepy! I just received a second letter quoting Carrie Nation. Folks, we have a vigilante (and maybe, vigilantes) among us.


  2. You know what I’m wondering? If a letter will arrive every day up to election day. I just realized that the first letter came yesterday and one of the sentences used the word “we” as in “Did Maureen Saunders honestly believe we would overlook…”

    There just may be more than one person responsible for this.


  3. Whoever is sending these things out is an idiot. I’m almost positive this is NOT being sent out by Jim Bischoff. But I am sure we’re getting tired of receiving this garbage.


  4. I’m still pumped up by the movie, The Iron Lady, in which the young woman and commoner, Margaret Thatcher, defies all nay-sayers, especially the men in Parliament, and quietly tweaks her sharp intellect with every level of knowledge it takes to become an effective,powerful,caring Prime Minister of England. She didn’t focus on her critics, and I doubt that Maureen Saunders will give hers the time of day either, for that would rob her of the energy it takes to focus on her future–to become the very positive, knowledgeable, caring and powerful “Iron Lady” of Brentwood’s Ward 1.


  5. Sadly, this has happened to other citizens that have run for office. The insiders at City Hall must desperately want to cover something up to go to such great lengths to defeat a person who has shown so much concern for Brentwood in getting our finances in order.


  6. Think of how much these idiots are spending on postage. The money could have been donated to a shelter or food pantry where it would have made a difference in a lot of lives!


  7. Or they could of donated it to help the Bowmans with the paper edition of the Spirit. 🙂 There’s no way Jim or Susan Bischoff would ever be involved in something like this! It’s a shame. Maureen is a great gal!


  8. Obviously this person(s)is mentally unbalanced and feeding on the attention that they are getting. Maybe we should all take the high road and stop posting and talking about it. They wouldn’t be getting their jollies anymore and we won’t be wasting our time and energy on something so ignorant. Just a suggestion.


    1. Any person distributing printed material relative to any candidate for public office shall identify on the face of the printed material the person who paid for the printed material. (MO. Statute 130.031.) When the identity of “anonymous” is discovered, they may be in legal trouble. Why would anyone risk this to try to influence a small town aldermanic election?


  9. When Jim Bischoff entered the council race, he surely had no idea he would soon become a pawn in Mayor Kelly’s desperate bid to cling to power. Kelly seems terrified by the prospect of an ethical outsider like Maureen crashing his party. Makes you wonder what other scandals he’s hiding. I feel sorry for Jim. In light of this week’s orgy of hate mail, he should quit the race, salvage his good name, and teach the mayor a valuable lesson.


  10. Will Pat Kelly station himself at Mt. Calvary precinct on Election Day to personally woo the voters for Jim Bischoff, or will Jim ask him to stay away because of his radioactivity?


  11. I am a candidate for Alderman in Ward 2 and I am beyond disgusted by these letters! It is quite apparent that someone is obviously intimidated at the prospect of Maureen becoming an Alderman, to the point that it has prompted such an extreme and desperate attempt to make her look bad with these ridiculous letters. Knowing Jim and Susan Bishoff, I absolutely do not believe they had ANYTHING to do with these letters. Who ever is sending them is a complete coward. It’s just pathetic!!


  12. Interesting that our household did not get another anti-Saunders letter today, but we did get a mailing from the Bischoff campaign!! That seems odd, timing of his literature comes out right after the attacking mail.
    By Jim Bischoff staying in the race he is condoning this behavior.


  13. I just found a flyer on my door (and I’m guessing it’s probably on all the doors in the ward). It reads, “Many of you have recently received one or more letters that were hateful towards my opponent in the Brentwood aldermanic race. I would like you all to know that I did not send these letters and do not agree with their content. I am hopeful that the voters can ignore this attempt to slander my opponent and cast their votes based on the experience, character and qualifications of the candidates. Sincerely, Jim Bischoff”


  14. I received 3 of those hateful letters. I thought it was due to the sign I had in my yard endorsing Mrs. Saunders. When I read them, it made me realize that I was voting for the right candidate!


  15. “On a more humorous note, why on earth would the letter be addressed only to “women voters”? ”
    Perhaps it’s an effort to solidify them into a single bloc.


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