Narrow Your Focus: All Real Estate Is Local

This house, located at 6 Yorkshire Lane in Brentwood, is being offered by Doug Cohen of Douglas Properties.

(Editor’s note: We’ve invited local real estate agents to provide some perspective on the Brentwood market by writing columns in this space. This week it’s written by David Townsend, a Broker Manager for RE/MAX Results.)

Some news articles and newscasts warn of escalating foreclosures. Others talk about how the market is stabilizing or even increasing in some areas.

One evening you hear reports that an auto manufacturer is adding thousands of jobs, and the next evening you hear about rising unemployment and its effect on housing.

Some real estate agents say this is the best time ever to buy a home and then you hear in the media that it is difficult to get financing for a loan in today’s market.

Well, have you ever heard that all real estate is local? Think about this: Florida real estate in many areas has decreased in value by more than 50% while in other parts of the country the market has just stabilized. So the media can confuse many of us as to what is really going on in our area.

It is important for you to know the market conditions in your area. Also, know what lending options are available. You may be surprised.

It’s good to be informed about what is going on in your community.

For more information on our local market, feel free to contact me or one of the agents in my office at RE/MAX Results, located right here in Brentwood. We will be happy to help you be more informed. Also, watch for future statistics and information we will be making available to you through The Brentwood Spirit.

David Townsend
Broker Manager
RE/MAX Results
(314) 951-1917

Email him at:

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Dave Townsend

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