Brentwood High School Class of ’61 Would Like Your Help


Brentwood High School Class of ’61 Reunion

Members of the Brentwood High School class of 1961 are planning a 50 year reunion on September 16 and  17 and would like your help in locating a few classmates that they are unable to find.

If you know any of the graduates listed below or would like further information about the weekend, please contact Sandy at sjlaga@sbcglobal.net or Bud at bud_cook@sbcglobal.net  (636) 405-2523

Classmates of BHS ‘61 not yet located:

Lanarae Frey Anderson

Jackie Cameron Beck

Marilee Newman Breedlove

Dennis R Brown

Doug Chaudron

Sharon Ottmer Coffman

James E. Denning

Thomas Hudson

Michael Kelly

Elizabeth Betty Lee King

Barry Krembs

Emily Belger McLemore

Carole Nelson

Douglas Payne

Peggy Poole

Brooks. E. Pumphrey

Brenda McMillon Smith

Deanna Margherio Spooner

Ronnie Sturkie

Kathleen Dadonna Stutheit

Kevin Sullivan

Curtis Turner

Sandra Williams McAleer

-Pat Brinkhorst,

  BHS Class of ‘61 reunion committee

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